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Welcome to the 'Money Mindset Reset - A 24-Module Journey to Financial Empowerment'. If you are ready to finally, once and for all change your relationship with money this is the course for you! During this 24-module program you will take a deep dive into your relationship with money, heal money wounds and create new money habits to help you achieve your goals. By far this is our most in-depth money mindset course that will give you lasting results you are looking for.
Jaden Sterling · September 26, 2023
Course Highlights:
  1. Your Transformation Starting Point: Explore your current financial mindset and pinpoint where your money journey begins.
  2. Navigating Internal Obstacles (Ego): Uncover and address the internal barriers, particularly your ego, that may hinder your financial progress.
  3. Prosperity Partner Connection: Establish a connection with prosperity as you work towards your financial aspirations.
  4. Align With Abundance: Learn to clear the path to your financial objectives by getting out of your own way.
  5. Taking Charge of What You Control: Identify and seize control of the aspects that affect your financial confidence.
  6. Guidance from Your Higher Self: Shift your focus from ego-driven decisions to tapping into guidance from your higher self.
  7. “Rise Above” Strategy with Higher Self: Create a strategy to rise above doubts, inaction, and self-sabotage.
  8. Building Self-Trust: Develop trust in your financial instincts and decisions.
  9. Mastering Manifestation: Harness the power of singular, focused thoughts to manifest your financial desires.
  10. Receiving with “ROCK”: Learn the principles of readiness, openness, clarity, and knowing to receive abundance.
  11. The Power of Knowing: Understand how knowing paves the way to align with your financial aspirations.
  12. Mindset and Output: Realize how your mindset at the outset profoundly impacts your financial outcomes.
  13. Short-Term Focus, Long-Term Vision: Balance short-term financial goals while maintaining a clear long-term vision.
  14. Productivity Targeting: Identify and prioritize the most productive steps to make each day a success on your financial journey. Learn to implement “Power Segments into your daily routine to accomplish more in less time.
  15. Focus your energy to accomplish more: This segment alone will make you feel like this is one of the best courses you’ve ever invested in. Focus is powerful and when done correctly can change your life for the better.
By embarking on this transformative course, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment that will forever change your relationship with money and yourself. You will learn how you hold yourself back and how to overcome self-limiting behaviors when it comes to money. Get ready to embrace lasting financial abundance.
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