• 9 Lessons

    Mindfulness & Financial Stress

    Course Categories: Money Mindset,Money Therapy
    Discover the 'Mindfulness & Financial Stress' course, an in-depth program that goes deep into the ways financial stress can touch every aspect of your life. In this transformative journey, we'll explore the far-reaching effects of financial stress on your daily life, relationships, physical and mental well-being, and overall sense of fulfillment. With a blend of mindfulness exercises, focus-boosting methods, and actionable financial strategies, this course provides you with the resources to not only relieve financial stress but also foster a more positive connection with your finances
  • 2 Lessons

    Money Coach on Demand

    Course Categories: InvestingMoney MindsetMoney Therapy 

    Booking a 1-on-1 meeting with Jaden Sterling offers a unique and invaluable opportunity for individuals seeking help with their finances. This meeting with Jaden Sterling provides personalized guidance from an award-winning author and seasoned investor with over 35 years of experience. Jaden simplifies investment strategies, drawing from a successful career at Citigroup and Merrill Lynch and utilizing his intution. His passion is empowering individuals to achieve financial freedom, making a 1-on-1 meeting invaluable for your financial success.

  • 25 Lessons

    Money Mindset – Full Reset

    Course Categories: Money Mindset
    Welcome to the 'Money Mindset Reset - A 24-Module Journey to Financial Empowerment'. If you are ready to finally, once and for all change your relationship with money this is the course for you! During this 24-module program you will take a deep dive into your relationship with money, heal money wounds and create new money habits to help you achieve your goals. By far this is our most in-depth money mindset course that will give you lasting results you are looking for.
  • 7 Lessons

    Money Mindset – Get Started

    Course Categories: Money Mindset 

    Are you ready to change the way you think about money, shake off financial stress, and open the door to financial abundance and security? Our "Money Mindset" course is your ticket to achieving just that. This life-changing course invites you on a journey to transform your mental relationship with money, heal vows of poverty and overcome resentment and resistance. With expert guidance, hands-on exercises, and practical real-world tools, you'll gain valuable insights and skills to take charge of your financial well-being.

  • 3 Lessons

    Options Discovery Call

    Course Categories: InvestingMoney MindsetMoney Therapy 

    Looking to boost your portfolio's returns? Wondering which stocks to pick and which options to trade? Join our founder, Jaden Sterling, for a chat and find out if our exclusive Options VIP program suits you. Dive into the world of investing with Jaden, a Wall Street veteran with 35 years of experience, including time at Merrill Lynch and Citigroup. He's not just any investor; he started young and has since developed a unique strategy for building wealth and gaining financial freedom. This isn't just another investment talk. It's a chance to rethink wealth and take control of your financial future. Jaden's practical advice and proven tools are invaluable, whether you're starting out or already seasoned in the game. Ready to change how you invest? Book your call with Jaden Sterling today and start your journey to becoming a savvy investor.

  • 5 Lessons

    Reduce Debt

    Course Categories: InvestingMoney Mindset Money Therapy 

    Feeling weighed down by debt and yearning to take back the reins of your financial life? Our "Reduce Debt" course is your trustworthy companion on the journey to grasping, handling, and eventually bidding farewell to debt. Whether it's credit card balances, loans, or other financial commitments causing you stress, this course arms you with practical solutions and methods to chip away at debt, construct a realistic budget, and pave the path toward a debt-free tomorrow.

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