• 13 Lessons

    Money Mentor Program

    Course Categories: Investing
    Welcome to the 'Money Mentor Program,' A comprehensive program teaching you how to become a confident investor. You will learn the basics of investing, (ex what is a stock) to more complex strategies such as how to find winning stocks, discover your risk tolerance level and when to sell stocks. These 12 modules will elevate your stock picking and are an absolute game changer to investing. This course delves into how to use Sterling Stock Picker software and is recommended to purchase to get the most from this course.
  • 25 Lessons

    Money Mindset – Full Reset

    Course Categories: Money Mindset
    Welcome to the 'Money Mindset Reset - A 24-Module Journey to Financial Empowerment'. If you are ready to finally, once and for all change your relationship with money this is the course for you! During this 24-module program you will take a deep dive into your relationship with money, heal money wounds and create new money habits to help you achieve your goals. By far this is our most in-depth money mindset course that will give you lasting results you are looking for.