Financial Survey

Financial Survey

Hey there! Welcome to our Financial Survey—an exciting journey to level up your money game. Your score is the key to your unique path, unlocking a personalized curriculum tailored just for you. Let’s kickstart your financial journey and crush those money goals together!


How would you rate your understanding of basic financial concepts (e.g., budgeting, saving, interest rates)?

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Fair
  • I don't have a clear understanding of financial concepts

What is your current approach to reducing debt?

  • Zero balance for credit cards or lines of credit
  • Aggressively paying it off
  • Making minimum payments
  • Not actively addressing debt

How do you view money and financial success?

  • As a tool to achieve my goals
  • As a source of security
  • As a measure of success
  • I don't think about it much

What is your level of understanding regarding investment options (stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.)?

  • Easily handle them without stress
  • Manage, but with some stress
  • Feel overwhelmed and stressed
  • Panic and struggle to cope

Do you have an emergency fund set aside for unexpected expenses?

  • Yes, and it covers at least 6 months of living expenses
  • Yes, but it's less than 6 months of living expenses
  • No, but I plan to establish one
  • No, and I don't think it's necessary

How would you describe your tolerance for investment risk?

  • High risk, high potential return
  • Moderate risk for balanced returns
  • Low risk, prioritizing capital preservation
  • I'm not sure

Which best describes your budgeting habits?

  • I have a detailed budget and stick to it consistently
  • I have a general idea of my spending, but don't track every expense
  • I rarely budget and spend based on intuition
  • I don't have a budget

How would you describe your investment strategy?

  • Long-term, diversified investments
  • Short-term, high-risk investments
  • I don't have a specific strategy
  • I'm not currently investing

How often do you actively seek out financial education and information?

  • Regularly, I'm always learning
  • Occasionally, when I encounter a specific financial challenge
  • Rarely, I rely on basic knowledge
  • Never, I'm not interested in financial education

During the next 30 days, how do you want to improve your finances?

  • Reduce Debt
  • Build a Healthier relationship with Money
  • Get money to work harder for me
  • Build a solid stock portfolio
  • Get better returns from your current stocks
  • Tune into your intuition to improve your finances faster