Money Mentor 2.0

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Welcome to 'Money Mentor 2.0' a comprehensive 12 module course that empowers you with the essential mindset, strategies, and momentum to navigate the financial world. It's a journey that begins with a deep dive into understanding money, where you'll gain valuable insights into your relationship with finances and how to effectively increase your wealth. The course then transitions into the stock market, teaching you how to curate a robust portfolio of quality stocks. Here, you'll learn the art of leveraging your investments to maximize your financial potential. As we move into wealth management, the focus shifts to asset acquisition, where you'll master the skills of creating a lifelong, tax-free income through annuities and learn to discern between merely good investments and truly great ones. Tailored for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Investors, this course is a blend of professional acumen and simple, human-centric teaching that makes complex financial concepts accessible and actionable. This course delves into how to use Sterling Stock Picker software and is recommended to purchase to get the most from this course.
Jaden Sterling · December 29, 2023

Course Highlights

“Money Mentor 2.0” offers a comprehensive journey through the realms of personal finance, stock market investment, and wealth accumulation. This course is meticulously crafted for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Investors who aspire to not only understand but master the financial world. It emphasizes the importance of mindset, strategic planning, and maintaining momentum in wealth creation.


  • Objective: Wealthy and successful people think differently and act differently
    than most. Learn from an 8-figure entrepreneur how to attract BIG money!
  • In-depth Coverage:
    • Money Mindset, develop a winning money mindset to achieve big money
    • Create a Systematic Plan to achieve BIG money goals.
    • Identify a “Money Vehicle” that resonates with your preferences and
    • Harness your energy and resources to make the path easier to achieving
      your BIG money goal.

Stock Market Fundamentals and Strategies

  • Objective: Learn skills to create and manage a profitable stock portfolio.
  • In-depth Coverage:
    • Comprehensive guide to selecting high-potential stocks.
    • Techniques for using a stock portfolio as financial leverage.
    • In-depth analysis of market trends and risk assessment.
    • Focused investment strategies to build wealth.

Pathways to Wealth Accumulation

  • Objective: Master advanced concepts in asset acquisition and investment analysis.
  • In-depth Coverage:
    • Detailed insights into annuities and building wealth.
    • Using Life Insurance to generate income tax-free.
    • Advanced techniques in asset evaluation.
    • Strategies for long-term asset growth and wealth preservation.
    • Case studies and real-world examples of successful wealth accumulation.

Target Audience

The course is specifically designed for:

  • Forward-thinking Entrepreneurs.
  • Business Owners looking to diversify and strengthen their financial portfolio.
  • Investors seeking in-depth knowledge of finance and investment.


“Money Mentor 2.0” is not just a course, it’s a MBA crash course in Money > Stocks >
Wealth. The course will elevate your financial literacy, refine your investment strategies,
and step into the world of successful investing!

Recommended Purchase: The course recommends the purchase of the Sterling Stock Picker software to maximize the benefits of the program. This software is designed to complement the course material and provide practical assistance in identifying investment opportunities. While the course itself is highly informative and valuable, the software can further elevate your stock-picking abilities and streamline your investment process.

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Course Includes

  • 13 Lessons